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Kisatchie National Forest

Alexandria, LA

December, the 2nd-4th

Details on Registration Page


$35.00 per person
Rooms available $100-$110

What to Bring
  • A basket or a mesh bag
  • A pocket knife
  • A brush
  • A topographic map
  • Water and snacks

GSMYCO Winter Foray 2022We have assembled a team of mycological all-stars to serve as our speakers and guest mycologists.  It should go without saying that our scientific advisors - David Lewis (President Emeritus), Jay Justice, Clark Ovrebo, and Juan Mata - occupy that same elite space as our guests.  Many clubs lack the scientific and experiential backbone that makes our club so special.  Our scientific advisors are being touted right now in emails like this one, as they are frequently invited speakers and guest mycologists for other clubs.  That said, in addition to our already exceptionally strong bullpen, we will be adding the renowned French mycologist Bart Buyck, whose scholarly accomplishments are far-reaching and many, and Django Grootmyers, a graduate student at the prestigious Matheny Lab.  As one of the most skilled taxonomists in the US, Django is precisely that guy who can bring order and appropriate binomials to that end of the display table where the unknown and frequently unidentifable collections accumulate.  Dr Buyck and Django are essentially headlining our event and will speak on Saturday and Friday respectively. In addition to our speakers, we were lucky to land two additional mycologists, each of whom has developed renown over the years.  Danny Newman will be joining us, and for those of you who are familiar with, you no doubt know Danny as one of a handful of sages who together make that site such a rich and varied repository of myco-knowledge.  He is an excellent taxonomist, a patient and generous teacher, and just a good person to have around at events like these. He knows his stuff, to put it mildly.  Our biggest surprise was the late addition of Alan Rockefeller, whom many of you likely know as an expert in the genus Psilocybe.  I think it's mistake and a bit short-sighted to merely pin down Alan as the Psilocybe expert (though he is certainly that).  He also is accomplished in phylogenetics, is exceptional at microscopy (a skill we hope he can pass along to some of us), and is well known for his photography.

A new record for Texas

In 2016, we received photos and vouchers from GSMS members of Entoloma incanum (Leptonia incana) from central Texas.  We determined that it was a new Texas record and that it had not been found anywhere along the Gulf coast.

Recently, we obtained more collections from the same site. The caps are greenish yellow in color with a vivid green stipe which bruises blue; it is said they have the odor of mice. In central Texas, it fruits on the side of creek banks in limestone soils. Its common name is mousepee pinkgill and it is said to be inedible/ toxic. See digital reference here.

By David P Lewis (edited JLMata)

2022 Winter Foray

IMG_3453 IMG_3452 IMG_3449 IMG_3448 IMG_3446 IMG_3445 IMG_3443 IMG_3442 IMG_3440 IMG_3438 IMG_3435 IMG_3433 IMG_3427 IMG_3425 IMG_3416 IMG_3405 IMG_3402 IMG_3398 IMG_3394 IMG_3388 IMG_3384 IMG_3379 IMG_3373 IMG_3367 IMG_3363 IMG_3361 IMG_3354 IMG_3350

2020 Fall Foray

241_Marasmius.rotula 241_Microporellus.obovatus 241_Russula.compacta 241_Russula.earlieae 241_Russula.subgraminicolor 241_Strobilomyces.confusus 241_Strobilomyces.dryophilus 241_Trametes.menziesii 241_Trichaptum.biforme 241_Tylopilus.balloui 241_Tyromyces.chioneus 241_Xanthoconium.affine 298_A 298_E.ABORTIVUM_WKS2011 298_ENTOLOMA.SP_WKS2011 298_F.FASCIATUS_WKS2011

2019 Summer Foray

100_C.VINICOLOR_WKS2011 100_Sparassis.herbstii 122_L_trichodermophora 149_A_muscaria 164_Exidia_recisa 164_Inonotus_dryadeus 164_L_nuda 164_P_nidulans 240_Gymnopilus.liquirtiae 241_Amanita.hesleri 241_Boletus.auripes