Kisatchie National Forest

Alexandria, LA

December, the 2nd-4th

Details to follow...


$25.00 per person
Rooms available $90-$95

What to Bring
  • A basket or a mesh bag
  • A pocket knife
  • A brush
  • A topographic map
  • Water and snacks

A new record for Texas

In 2016, we received photos and vouchers from GSMS members of Entoloma incanum (Leptonia incana) from central Texas.  We determined that it was a new Texas record and that it had not been found anywhere along the Gulf coast.

Recently, we obtained more collections from the same site. The caps are greenish yellow in color with a vivid green stipe which bruises blue; it is said they have the odor of mice. In central Texas, it fruits on the side of creek banks in limestone soils. Its common name is mousepee pinkgill and it is said to be inedible/ toxic. See digital reference here.

By David P Lewis (edited JLMata)

Unite Gallery - 2020 Fall Foray

241_Marasmius.rotula 241_Microporellus.obovatus 241_Russula.compacta 241_Russula.earlieae 241_Russula.subgraminicolor 241_Strobilomyces.confusus 241_Strobilomyces.dryophilus 241_Trametes.menziesii 241_Trichaptum.biforme 241_Tylopilus.balloui 241_Tyromyces.chioneus 241_Xanthoconium.affine 298_A 298_E.ABORTIVUM_WKS2011 298_ENTOLOMA.SP_WKS2011 298_F.FASCIATUS_WKS2011

Unite Gallery - 2019 Summer Foray

100_C.VINICOLOR_WKS2011 100_Sparassis.herbstii 122_L_trichodermophora 149_A_muscaria 164_Exidia_recisa 164_Inonotus_dryadeus 164_L_nuda 164_P_nidulans 240_Gymnopilus.liquirtiae 241_Amanita.hesleri 241_Boletus.auripes